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2005 Cut&Paste is born. M1-5, New York City. The live design competition is a sleeper success, with 800 in attendance to watch 8 contestants duke it out for the prize. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. With New York's show of approval, the Digital Design Tournament comes to life.

2006 The Digital Design Tournament takes off on its first national tour. Cut&Paste hits the streets of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, establishing a bolder presence and seeing the demand for what it brings.

2007 Taking a leap, Cut&Paste turns its 4-city national tour into an 11-city international tour, and the Digital Design Tournament draws new crowds in Boston, Portland, Berlin, London, Sydney, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, in addition to the now-friendly faces in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and LA.

2008 Cut&Paste focuses its energies on (another) major expansion of the DDT and reschedules the tournament for early 2009. Tuning up for a huge global tour and gathering resources for good things to come in the future, C&P runs on a year-long adrenaline rush.

2009 The biggest, baddest tournament yet, DDT 2009 shows up with a 16-city roster and a slate of three competitions (2D, 3D, Motion Graphics) per city. Plus new Show&Tell sessions and a globalized Audience Design Contest. And the first-ever Global Championship. The whirlwind ride never ends!

2010 Cut&Paste returns with a refined Digital Design Tournament of ten cities. This year is all about making the designers the stars they deserve to be and giving them more exposure and opportunity than ever before.


Cut&Paste is a social arena for recognition, promotion, and the elevation of design.


Through events and online programs, Cut&Paste works to increase relationships between emerging designers, creative companies, and media. Our mission is to help designers be better understood for better opportunity. Born in New York City in November 2005, Cut&Paste’s signature event is the Digital Design Tournament, a live, competitive showcase held throughout the world each year. Cut&Paste additionally powers design-driven contests and events with industry partners worldwide.





We're currently looking for talented, passionate people to join our global team in New York for the following positions:




Founder, CEO

After eight years of working in hi tech, filmmaking, community development, and public speaking, John realized what excites him most is stoking the creative exchange of ideas. Launching Cut&Paste seemed to make sense. 27 cities and 540,726 miles later, he is certain of it.

Marketing Director

Is an Army brat, who at the ripe old age of six knew he would be the world’s most prominent archaeologist. Unfortunately it didn’t agree with his germ phobia and the big city called. As a global marketing executive for brands such as Nike, Barney's, Sean John, and PUMA Quentin learned all aspects of marketing and storytelling in digital and retail campaigns (moonlighting as a stylist, bartender, art director, and dog-walker supplemented his storytelling education). His natural talent for identifying the next big thing has entrenched him within a global network of solid people doing exceptional things and his obsession with art and media makes him the perfect fit to our growing family.